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About tracey

Tracey is a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. A self-taught artist, she finds the continual process of exploring new techniques and colour combinations both exciting and exhilarating. Her love for design and architecture strongly influence her artworks and inspire her to create current but timeless pieces.

Her expressionist style of artworks are composed of carefully selected shapes and colours that create a sense of balance and calm while still being quite bold. Working with mixed media she build layers on canvas to create a soft and subtle textured appearance.

Her current works are largely inspired by the beauty of Australia's aerial landscapes, in particular farmland and its patchwork like appearance. She attributes this fascination with the landscape to her childhood experiences growing up on a farm in rural Victoria and she finds it pleasing to capture these joyful memories in her paintings.

Tracey's hope is that her artworks will emanate a sense of peace and happiness within the homes they end up in.